Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jackson is 30 Weeks Old!

Jackson turned 30 weeks old this past Thursday, and he turned 7 months old this past Sunday!

He has started saying Dada and is trying to clap! Its so cute. He looks at his hands and then tries to clap them. He goes crazy sometimes hitting himself. Its super cute! Here's a little video. In this video you'll also hear him coughing after hearing us do it. He's been doing this for a while, but a lot more lately. Its really cute how he mimics some of the things we do.

He's also really close to crawling on his hands and knees. He gets up on them and goes a few places, but then goes down on his belly and army crawls the rest of the way.  Here's a quick video of him army crawling.

And he's begun to pull up on a few things... the rail of his crib and the couch! Let the fun begin.

Scrapbook Page "Pinspiration"

I'm linking up today with Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday and I decided to do a scrapbook page idea theme. A group of us ladies from church are going to be scrapbooking June 1st and 2nd. I haven't scrapbooked in over a year, so I need some new ideas for sure. I went to Hobby Lobby on Monday and got some new paper and ribbon. I plan on starting Jackson's album that weekend. I'm excited to finally get started on it. 

So here are some page ideas that I've found on Pinterest that I might print and take with me for some "pinspiration"!

I love the paper fringe below the picture on this page. I hope to try this on one of my pages.

I like this page and the idea behind it. Jackson loves when we sing "You are my Sunshine." It almost always calms him down and has since he was a newborn.

I love the pieces of paper along the side of this picture much like the first page I posted.

I like the whole idea of this page and the similar pictures used with one black and white photo in the middle. This is great for using several similar pictures of Jackson.

Though I won't be scrapbooking any Christmas pictures next weekend, I really liked the layout of this page and may try to use it with pictures of Jackson from the hospital and use some baby cut-outs in the upper right hand corner and a baby themed border like the ginger bread men.

I love the owls on this page and the title. I may do something like this with pictures of Jackson.

Love everything about this page.

This page is so cute! I thought I could just use random pictures of Jackson in his first week at home with us and instead of doing "a year of you", doing "a week of you".

I love the bunting on this page and really want to do something like this on a page.

This page is cute, clean and seems fairly simple. Which is great because I have so many pictures and will need some more simple ideas to help me get more done.

I love the patchwork behind the pictures and the bunting in the top left. So cute.

Again, I love the bunting and I like the idea and layout of this page.

This page is so cute! I just love everything about it. I thought I could do something like this with some pictures of Jackson from the hospital, but instead of using pink paper, use blue!

I really like the pieces of paper along the edge of the picture and the ribbon tied in a bow in the middle of the page. :-)

So I'm hoping to get at least all of the pictures we took at the hospital, scrapbooked next weekend. I'm hoping with some cute paper and ideas, I can at least get that part done. I'll post my pages here for you guys to see that next week. 

Are any of you scrapbooking in the near future? What are you working on?