Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Avery's 9th Month


You turned 9 months old on January 28th and we have had such a fun month with you! You have been such a happy girl lately and I love it!

If I had to guess, you are probably around 20+ pounds now, but I'll know for sure at your 9 month appointment next Tuesday. You are eating like a champ. You usually have 3 meals of baby food a day (which you'll eat anything we give you) and you have around four 7-8 ounce bottles a day. You have even had a few non-baby food items recently. You love macaroni and cheese, little pieces of bread, cooked green beans, spaghetti, ice cream and cake of course. If you see one of us eating something, you think you should get a bite as well. Your like a baby bird, you always have your mouth open for food. LOL You love to eat!!

You are still sleeping great. The last few nights you have slept straight through the night and I am loving it! Even when you do wake up though, it's usually only long enough for you to take a bottle and go right back to sleep! I love that you're such a great sleeper. Keep it up!!

You are still wearing size 4 diapers and 12-18 month clothes! I can't get over what a big girl you are.

You have mastered scooting across the floor on your bottom to get to whatever it is you want, but you still aren't crawling and I'm starting to think you may never crawl. You seem to be perfectly content scooting and it seems to be working just fine for you. (Here's a little video of how you scoot, it's hilarious.)You have also mastered pulling up to anything and everything and you even walk along the couch, table or ottoman while holding on. This past weekend you even walked behind a toy you can push. You fell down a few times because you got going too fast, but you did great. These are all signs that it won't be long and we'll have a walker. Slow down baby girl, I feel like you were just born!!

You got 2 more teeth this month! One on either side of your top two front teeth. So now you have 6 total! You look so cute with all your little teeth! I love it.

You can say Momma and Dada very plainly now and you say them quite often. You really only say momma when you're sad and you want your momma. :-) You know who we are by name now as well. If I ask you "where's Jackson" you will look right at him, or if I ask "where's Dada" you look right at Daddy. :-) You also say baba often, but I don't think you associate it with your bottle yet. Papa claims you've also said Papa, but I haven't heard this yet. ;-) You have started clapping with your hands open now and do this all the time. You also wave bye bye and put your hands up in the air when we say "so big"!! It's adorable! You tilt your head sideways when we say "upside down", which I taught your cousin Landon when he was little as well... so cute! You still love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and you've taken an interest to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood as well, (probably because your brother watches it non-stop).

I think that covers you at 9 months old! I know I say it every month but you really are getting so big so fast. It just amazes me how fast this first year is flying by. You are the prettiest, sweetest, most amazing baby girl and I love you so very very much Avery! You are momma's girl and always will be. ♥

 xoxo - Mommy