Friday, January 21, 2011

Dog Pile!!!

Wed. night, while I was watching t.v. in bed, all the dogs piled up on the bed as well. My husband came in the room and noticed Max had his head laying on Hunters back. They were all sound asleep and we were able to snap these couple pictures. I just love my babies. :-)

A close up of Max, using Hunter as a pillow. :-)

More Snow...

Well, we got more snow Wed. night into Thurs. morning. 10-12 inches of SNOW!!!! This is probably the most snow I've seen in my life. St. Louis always gets snow in the winter months. Usually 2-3 little snow storms that accumulate around 3 inches or so a piece. This Winter season we've had about 4 storms, all accumulating between 3-5 inches of snow I'd say, all except this last one. Yikes, theres a lot of snow out there.

Jake was sick yesterday and wasn't going to work anyways and we both thought I better stay home too cause they didn't even clean off our street until around 12:30 yesterday afternoon. Plus I work about 40 minutes away from our house. It was a mess out there and I'm not that used to driving in snow anyways, much less a foot of snow!! So we both stayed home with the fur-babies yesterday and had a snow day. Here are a few pictures around our house that I took yesterday morning. Unfortunately we are expected to get another inch possibly tonight and then another storm on Monday with even more accumulations (I've heard 6 inches, but we'll see).

Our back yard.

Our front yard.

Our front yard. As you can see they hadn't plowed the roads yet.

Max in the snow, It covered up his whole legs.