Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Avery's Birth Story

Avery's birth story is really quite the opposite of Jackson's. There was no 20 hour labor only to find out you have to have a c-section in the wee hours of the morning. 

It was a scheduled c-section this time around, which was great in every way except knowing when you are going to have major surgery means you have plenty of time to worry about it. However, I worried for nothing. It couldn't have gone any better. 

Picture taken right before leaving the house for the hospital.

We were scheduled to be at the hospital at 5:30 a.m. that Monday morning. Jake and I had dropped Jackson off at my parent's house the night before and were all ready to go the next morning. My emotions were all over the place and we didn't really talk much on the 40 minute car ride to hospital. I just kept telling myself it would all be over in just a couple short hours and I'd have my sweet baby girl in my arms.

We got there and they put us in the same room I'd be recovering in after my c-section. I put my lovely hospital gown on and they got the iv put in (which was probably the worst part of the whole deal since she had a hard time finding my vein... ouch). One of the worst things that stuck out in my mind about my c-section with Jackson was that I threw up while on the operating table and then again in recovery. I knew I didn't want to do that again if there was any way of preventing it, so I basically told everyone that I came in contact with, that we needed to do something about that if we could so that it wouldn't happen again. At first, no one seemed to really care too much and just acted like that was pretty normal. But the sweet anesthesiologist I had, put this lovely, tiny patch behind my ear to prevent nausea and it worked like magic! It was wonderful.

At around 7:10 a.m., my Dr. came into the room and said we'd be heading back to surgery shortly and that's when things started moving fast. The next thing I knew I was back in the OR getting the spinal. I have to say, a spinal is much better than an epidural. I won't say it didn't hurt at all, but it was definitely better than an epidural and started working very quickly. Before I knew it, I was completely numb from the chest down. This is such a strange feeling and I did have to breath and use some mind over matter when the spinal was setting in.

Once Jake was able to come in the room, I felt a lot better and that's when the surgery really got started. With my C-section with Jackson, I don't remember feeling the tugging and pulling that I've heard so many talk about, but with Avery, I did. It was certainly a strange feeling and at one point, it felt like she was pulling her out of my ribs!! I wouldn't say it hurt, but it was definitely uncomfortable.

Then at 7:47, I heard the sound I had been waiting 9 long months to hear. My sweet baby girls first cry! There's really no better sound or feeling, and once again, I cried tears of joy! 

Soon after I heard her cry, they brought her over so I could see her and she was so beautiful. She had a head full of dark hair and quite a dark complexion. I remember thinking she was the prettiest baby and I couldn't believe she was all mine. 

They then weighed her and put a diaper on her and layed her on my chest for some skin to skin. It was something I didn't get to experience with Jackson and I'm so sad that I didn't because it was really such a sweet moment. She immediately stopped crying when they layed her on my chest and it makes me tear up just thinking about it. It was just so special.

She weighed 8 lbs. 3 ozs. and was 20 inches long. I told my doctor that I figured she'd weigh 8+ pounds and I was right.

After several minutes of holding her while they tied my tubes and stitched me back up, they took her for her first bath. Jake followed so he could video it. Once they were done stitching me back up, they took me back to the recovery room. My parents, sister and brother in law were waiting by the nursery, so I was able to say hi as they were getting to see Avery get her bath. My recovery room was just right across the hall from the nursery. My mom said Avery looked like me when I was born. :-)

I was in recovery for 2 hours and was able to nurse Avery for the first time and also have Jackson meet Avery for the first time. Those 2 hours seem like a blur now, but I remember being so happy to see Jackson and have my sweet family of 4 all together.

We stayed in the hospital until Thursday and we spent those days getting to know our sweet Avery. We kept her in the room with us at night and I'll never forget snuggling with her and bonding with her.

 We had several family and close friends come and visit us, which was so nice.

Big brother Jackson holding his new baby sister for the first time.

 My Dad, Sister and Brother in Law, my Mother in Law and my Mom, all holding Avery. :-)

This is probably my favorite picture from the hospital. I just love Jackson's sweet smile as he's looking at his new baby sister. ♥

 Avery was quite content laying on Papa's chest. ♥

A few other visitors with our sweet Avery: Our good friend Wendy, my Aunt Karla, my Sister in Law Liz and our nieces Alexis and Kyleigh.

Roses that my Mother-in-Law brought. Each rose represented the 4 of us. I believe the Yellow was for Jake, the Red for me, the White was for Jackson and the Pink was for Avery.

At the hospital that Jackson and Avery were born in, they have the walls of their hallway all covered in baby foot prints. We were able to find Jackson's footprint and put Avery's right next to his.

Jackson's is right next to my nephew Mason's, so the three of them are all right by one another. My nephew Landon's foot print is just right across the hall so they are all close to one another. :-)

I was able to write Avery's name on the wall next to her footprint, which was pretty cool.

Avery all ready to head home. She wasn't thrilled about being in the car seat at first, but she didn't make a peep the whole car ride home. :-)

My recovery has gone amazingly. It went much faster this time around. By the next Monday, I was not even needing any pain medicine at all and was able to go for a short walk with my 2 kiddos the weekend after we came home from the hospital.

I just want to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and kind words during my pregnancy and delivery. They are so much appreciated!

God gave us such a beautiful and healthy baby and I will be forever grateful for Avery. She perfectly completes our family and I couldn't be more thankful for this sweet family God blessed me with. I love them so much and am just so thankful. ♥