Friday, February 8, 2019

Five on Friday

Happy Friday

I've been blogging all this week about our Carnival Cruise. Check out my posts here if you'd like to follow along. :-)

This past weekend we had some very seasonably warm weather. Last Wednesday it was -4 with wind chills at -25 and then on Sunday it was 67 degrees and sunny! Today, it was 13 when I left for work. St. Louis weather is so weird! Anyways, we took advantage of the warmer temperatures and played outside as much as possible. Jake and our neighbor John took the kids on the Katy Trail for a bike ride! They had a lot of fun!

Earlier this week I snapped this picture of Jackson and Avery in a sweet moment sharing the iPad. They have their moments of fighting and bickering, but they can be so sweet to each other too!

Tuesday night's Avery has dance class and she is doing so well. She just loves it. I was trying to talk her into changing when we got home to put her jammies on, but she was quite happy wearing her dance clothes to play in her room for a little while before bed. She's such a girly girl.

Jackson's school had "Wacky Wednesday" on Wednesday this week. They were supposed to dress wacky and he and I came up with this look! He wore his hair spiked up, shorts over his pants, mis-matched clothes, long socks over his pants and then 2 different shoes. I love themed days at school. They're always so fun.

Have a great weekend!!