Thursday, January 7, 2016

Our 15 Most Memorable Moments in 2015

I saw this done on another blog here and thought it was such a great idea that I'd do the same! 2015 had so many wonderful moments in it for us, with the exception of a couple not-so-wonderful moments mixed in. I felt like this was the perfect way to document our most memorable moments for 2015... so here goes!

At the end of January, we took Jackson to Disneyland in California for the first time and it was just as magical as I dreamed it would be. Not only is this on my top list of favorites for 2015, but it is probably in my top 5 moments of my life! It was such a special little trip for us and to see Jackson light up when he saw Mickey for the first time was just amazing!

In February we got a good sized snow-fall and Avery got to experience snow for the first time while Jackson got to make his first snow man! It was very exciting for both of them!

Avery started taking her first steps at the end of February at around 9 months old.

We surprised Jackson with a Big Boy bedroom re-do.

We celebrated Avery's first Easter!

We lost Jake's grandmother suddenly in early April. A very sad moment in 2015.

Avery turned One on April 28th and we had a party for her in early May!

We said goodbye to our sweet dog, Libby, in late May. :-( One of the worst moments of 2015.

Jackson played his first season of t-ball.

We sold our first home in July!

We closed on our new home in September!

We celebrated Jackson's 4th Birthday with a Halloween Themed birthday party!

We celebrated Jake turning 30 with a big 30th birthday party for him!
I became an aunt again! Baby Emerson was born on November 17th!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas together with family!