Monday, January 14, 2019

The Last Week of December

I happened to be off work the day after Christmas so we rescheduled our movie date to see Mary Poppins Returns for that day. I also took the kids to the store to spend some gift cards they had gotten for Christmas. Jackson was excited because the latest Dog Man book (Dog Man 6) came out on Christmas Eve and he was hoping they would have it for him to get with his gift card! He was so excited when he saw it at the store!

I went back to work Thursday after Christmas and then brought the kids with me into work Friday. They love going to work with me whenever they can. The week in between Christmas and New Years is always a slow time for us so I usually bring them in that Friday.

That Saturday I took Jackson for a hair-cut and then I went out with my Mom and Sister for their birthdays. We did some shopping and then went to dinner at Tucker's Place.

Sunday was our Christmas/New Year's Dinner at church. We do this every year and it's always so much fun. Whoever would like to decorate a table can and we all come together for a nice dinner. I always decorate a table and I love to do it. This year I did a buffalo plaid theme again for the second year in a row. I just love it so much.

While I was out shopping the night before with my mom and sister, I got Avery this adorable sweater at Target on clearance and these adorable rose gold boots to match. She looked so cute at our dinner at church Sunday evening that I had to get a picture of her. I even curled her hair and it looked so adorable!

For NYE this year the kids went and stayed at Grandma's house for the night and Jake and I went out with some friends of ours. Our friend's birthday was that day so his wife made reservations for a few of us to have dinner at the Gamlin Whiskey House. It was a wonderful time and the food was really really good. Afterwards we went back to their house to watch the ball drop! I didn't get any pictures from that night, unfortunately, but my mother-in-law did send us a picture of the kids with a couple of their cousins that spent the night as well. They had a great time at Grandma's as usual. :-)

And that's a wrap on December of 2018.