Friday, February 22, 2013

Just a Quick Weekly Update

This week has been... well, not so great! 

I was off work Monday for President's Day and also off Tuesday because Monday was my normal Monday off. Having those days off was great, but the not so great part is that we all ended up with the Stomach Flu! 

I should start by saying, this stomach flu was like no other I've ever known. It was like a Super Virus or something. It actually hit my sister's family over the weekend, going through all 4 members of her family. Monday, it hit my parents and by Monday night it hit Jackson. Jackson, only really threw up once and never even acted like his stomach hurt, but he had terrible diarrhea ALL WEEK LONG! I mean like explosive diarrhea. (Sorry if thats TMI, ha!) Let me also add, that this is not fun to change when your own stomach is all upset! He actually still has it, but it seems to be getting a little bit better. Yesterday I must have changed at least 8-10 poopy diapers, and he had to have 2 baths. To make matters worse, all of that caused a diaper rash, even though I was changing him as soon as he would go.Thankfully, when he woke up this morning, his diaper rash was pretty much gone and I've only had to change 2 poopy diapers today.

The flu hit me Tuesday night and Jake Wednesday morning! It really has been awful. :-(

Thursday, we got a huge snow/ice storm. We were all still home sick, so thankfully we didn't have to get out in it.

Today, Jake went back to work and I stayed home with Jackson because he was still having diarrhea and I just didn't want my mom to have to deal with it. Thankfully, its been better today and I think it may be safe to say that we are all on the mend. Thank goodness! I was able to get the house all cleaned and sanitized today, which feels good.

So thats why I haven't really blogged this week. Its just been a not-so-fun week. Here's to hoping this weekend and next week are better.

To end the post on a happy note, here are a few pictures from this past week that I posted on Instagram. (Most from before we all got sick.)

Jackson's first time on the carousel at the mall last Friday night. He loved it.

Sunday morning at church in the Nursery Class. I had nursery duty, and I couldn't help but get a picture of these three cuties eating their cookies together. ☺

These next two are from Sunday night. Jackson snuggling with Daddy and...

Jackson standing on his toy! He's becoming a little monkey.

My super silly boy eating lunch on Monday.

Jackson decided to join Libby in her kennel Tuesday evening! Ha.

He also decided to help Daddy out on the computer!

Thursday morning couch time, watching Disney Jr. and trying to get over the flu.

Later Thursday morning as the snow and ice started to come down. You can't really tell from this picture, but the snow flakes were huge!

I hope you all had a better week than we did and I hope you all have a great weekend.