Friday, August 30, 2019

Five on Friday

Happy Friday and Happy Labor Day Weekend!! 

We are planning on taking the kids camping and on a float trip this weekend. It will be their first time for both! We're going with some friends so it should be a fun time. We're just going Saturday and coming home Sunday and then Monday we're meeting my family at Six Flags for the day. :-)

I snapped this picture of Jackson and Max sleeping one night earlier this week and it's just the sweetest. Max always starts out in Jackson's bed every night. ♥

I recently ordered this dress for Avery and she and I are both anxiously awaiting it's arrival on our doorstep. She LOVES the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas so it will be perfect for her to wear to school the few weeks leading up to Halloween and maybe even into Christmas depending on if you think of it as a Christmas movie too. ;-) Knowing Avery, she'll want to wear it all year long.

I recently finished reading The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. It was SUCH a good book and I can't recommend it enough, but definitely have tissues nearby while reading it. There are multiple times in the book that you'll need them.

After making lunches for 2 kids now for the last 2 weeks, I've searched around for ways to make that process a little easier. Avery eats a peanut butter sandwich every day and does not like the crust, of course. So I've been cutting it off with a knife. However, after a couple weeks of that I went straight to Amazon to find an easier way and found this handy tool. It cuts the crust off and seals the edges. It is supposed to be delivered tomorrow so I'm excited to try it and see how it works. I also ordered these sandwich containers a couple weeks ago to keep their sandwiches fresh and they've been working really well.

Have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Back to School: Second Grade & Kindergarten

Jackson and Avery went back to school on Thursday, August 15th. Jackson started 2nd Grade and Avery started Kindergarten!!! I can't even believe it. 

Two nights before school started, they had their "Meet the Teacher" night. Jackson ended up getting the teacher he was hoping for, Mrs. Burns, and we were so excited. He also has several friends in his class this year so that always makes it more fun.

They did Kindergarten a little bit differently this year. They called it "Switcheroo" and basically what they did was, for the first 7 days of school, Avery had a homeroom class that she started out in each day, but throughout the day they switched up the kids into different classrooms with different teachers and different friends to see how everyone would fit best in what class. It's a way to place the child where they think they'd best succeed. It worked out well I thought and Avery seemed to adjust great! This is something they do in a few other districts in our area and it's been working well for them. So for the "meet the teacher" night for Avery, she was able to meet all 5 of the Kindergarten teachers and check out all of their classrooms. Avery's home room teacher during "switcheroo" was Mrs. Turner, who is a new teacher to our school this year. She's from Georgia and has been teaching Kindergarten for a few years there and then moved here over the Summer.

 The night before school, we went through the nighttime routine with baths/showers, packing lunches, storytime and prayers for a great first day of school. They each had a special book to read to get them ready for the next day. :-)

 The next morning I had a special little breakfast for them. They love cinnamon rolls so I made them those and decorated the table for their first day of school. 

 Then we got ready for school and headed down to the bus stop.

(Avery's first day of school outfit was from Orange Poppy Boutique and I found Jackson's second grade shirt on Amazon here.)

Jackson and Avery in the bus line with their best buddies Andy and Ellie.

Avery was SO excited to ride the bus for the first time. She's been wanting to ride the bus with Jackson, Andy and Ellie for so long and was so excited to finally get to. The first thing she said that morning was, "I finally get to ride the bus for the first time!"

Once they were off on the bus, I did a couple things around the house and then met them up at school to walk them to their classrooms on the first day. I did the same thing on Jackson's first day of Kindergarten. :-)

Avery can't sit next to Ellie on the bus because you have to sit according to grades and Ellie is a grade above Avery, but as soon as they got off the bus, they gave each other a big hug like they hadn't seen each other in weeks. It was too cute!

 Ellie and Avery walking to their classrooms.

 After getting to school and getting to her classroom, each child had play-doh at their spot. :-) Avery LOVES play-doh so she was excited. She did so well on her first day and didn't seem nervous at all.

Both kids had a great first full week of school last week! Here's a couple pictures from school throughout the week.

Then last Friday, each of the kindergartners had a piece of paper in their take home binders saying which teacher they were placed with for the year and they had scratch-offs to reveal pictures of all the friends that would be in their class with them. It was so much fun to scratch off each picture. Avery ended up getting her home-room teacher Mrs. Turner and she was SO excited about this because she really liked her for those first 7 days. So yesterday was kind of like Avery's real first day of Kindergarten and they allowed us to walk the kids to their classrooms that day to take pictures with their teachers, etc. Here's Avery with her teacher Mrs. Turner.

Monday, August 26, 2019

National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day!

We sure do love our sweet Max (aka Maxie Moo Moo). He's such a great dog! He just turned 9 years old this year and still acts like a puppy. He loves belly rubs, long naps on the couch, chasing squirrels, eating the crust off of Avery's peanut butter sandwich that I cut off for her lunch every day and he really just loves us! He's very protective of us and often sleeps in the hallway in between all of our bedrooms to make sure he's keeping us all safe. :-) He's the best dog and we love him so much! He's such an important part of our family and we couldn't ask for a better fur-baby.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Five on Friday

I've been really bad at blogging lately. So I thought I'd do a little 5 on Friday to try and catch back up some. :-)

The kids started back to school last Thursday, (Aug. 15th). They're both loving it so far! Jackson got the teacher he wanted and several of his friends are in his 2nd grade class. Avery started Kindergarten and she's loving it so far too. She said her first day was the best day ever and she was even sad over the weekend when she didn't have school! Ha!! This makes me so happy that they're both loving it.

Avery started swim lessons last month and I can't believe how far she's come in such a short amount of time. She's being so brave and doing so well and I'm so proud of her!!

Avery went to the cutest pony camp earlier this month before school started back up! She loved it and had so much fun!!

On my last Monday off before the kids went back to school, I decided to take them to Six Flags for the day to enjoy Hurricane Harbor (the water park). I brought my mom along and we had a great day! It was a fun thing to do right before starting back to school.

This past Sunday, Jackson and I went to a really cool event to see author Dav Pilkey (Captain Underpants and Dogman) and get a signed copy of his latest Dog Man book (#7). We met up with a few of Jackson's friends from school and had such a great time! The boys also got a cape and got to take a picture with Dogman and Captain Underpants. The line to meet Dav Pilkey was FOREVER long so we decided not to do that, which was a little disappointing, but we had a great time anyways and as always, it's so much fun to spend some one on one time with either of my kids.

So that's what we've been up to lately. Just trying to have as much fun as we could before going back to the routine of school. I'm happy to say that our first full week of school has been a success! I think we're starting to get back into the routine and everyone seems to be adjusting well. :-)

I hope you all have a great weekend!!