Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jackson's First Haircut

While I was on my Christmas break from work, I decided it was time to get Jackson's hair cut. It was super long in the back and very uneven. I was a little sad to get his hair cut, but surprisingly, there were no tears shed... by me or by Jackson. ☺ He did very well. He sat in the chair all by himself and watched a little girl that was there with her mommy. He did move his head around often, which I'm sure made our hairdressers job a little more difficult, but all in all he did great! He even got a certificate for his first hair cut and she kept a few pieces of his hair for me. ☺

Here are just a couple "before" pictures of his spiky, long hair!

And here he is during the haircut. 

And of course, an "after" picture. He looked so cute after it was all cut. Believe it or not, its already grown out quite a bit since then!