Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My 28th Birthday

This past Sunday, Easter Sunday, was also my 28th birthday. Besides having a sinus infection, it was a very nice birthday. My family came over and Jake BBQ'd. It was a very nice day. For my birthday, my Dad made me this awesome Cricut Cartridge Shelf!! It holds 32 regular cartridges and 4 of the boxes for the solutions carts. or you could just stack 2 regular cartridges in there. He had made one for my mom and so I hinted to my mom that I would love to have one for my birthday. So she made it happen and my dad made one for me too!! He brought his tools and hung it up for me too. He has his own home remodeling business and is very handy. He also surprised me by putting in 2 electrical outlets on the wall that my counter top is on in my scrapbook room. So now I don't have electical chords for my laptop and Cricut running in all different directions. They can easily be plugged in right into my new handy outlets. Here is a picture of my awesome new shelf and how my wall looks now.