Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our 2012 Christmas Tree

We went to the tree farm this past Saturday and picked out our 2012 Smith Family Noble Fir. Its been a tradition of ours to go to this same little family owned tree stand, right down the street from our house. Its a really cute stand. The trees are pre-cut, but its not on a parking lot in the middle of town. Its just right outside of town at a little farm and they always have beautiful trees. 

We started going there the first year we were married and have now went back every year since 2007. This year we were able to take Jackson. (Last year he was only a couple months old and I just didn't want him out in the cold.) I was excited to see how he would react to all the trees. He loved running in between them. What he didn't love, was that Santa was there. He was scared of Santa this time around for some reason. I let Santa hold him for a picture and this was what happened...

He didn't care for Santa very much. :-( 

But he was fine once Santa passed him back to me. :-)

We spent a little more time there picking out our tree.

Once we had our tree picked out, we took a few pictures with it.

After picking out our tree and getting it all tied up and in the truck, we took one last picture by the tree farm sign, and then headed home. 

We let the tree sit in a bucket of water in the garage for the rest of the day and night and then decorated the next evening. :-)

Here's our tree in the house, waiting to be decorated.

And here it is all decorated.

I had big plans for Jackson to help decorate the tree this year. I had invited my nieces, Alexis and Sophia, over to help as well. However, Jackson was really tired and crabby Sunday evening, so I put him to bed before we could even start decorating it. :-( Oh well, there's always next year. He'll probably be a lot more into it next year anyways. 

So thats our tree this year. I'll post later about some of my favorite ornaments and the rest of my Christmas decorations.

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