Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A visit with the Easter Bunny!

First off, let me start by saying that Jackson is doing so much better, thank goodness! I was so worried over the weekend and its a huge relief to know he's feeling better. He's taken several bottles in the last day and a half so I think things are getting back to normal. I was starting to worry that was never going to happen.

We took Jackson to visit the Easter Bunny yesterday evening. We got there right as they were closing. Who knew the bunny left before the mall closed. :-( But I begged and thought I might have to shed a tear, but they were nice and stayed open just for us. :-)

Jackson LOVED the Easter bunny. I was so happy. I thought he might be scared but he definitely was not. He went right to him and just smiled and laughed the whole time he sat on his lap. She got lots of great pictures of him smiling. :-)

After he was done taking pictures, I turned him around so he could see the bunny and he smiled and reached out for the bunny's paws and wouldn't let go. It was SO cute!!

Here's the picture we chose. Its funny because he looks like he has red hair in this picture. In some lights his hair does have a strawberry blonde tint to it. :-)

Happy Easter!!