Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Playing Catch Up

I've seriously gotten so bad at blogging, so here's a little catch up post.

This past Saturday night we had 3 of our neighborhood families over for a BBQ and it was so much fun. Jackson was SO excited that he was counting down the days til the "neivors" came over to his house. They play outside All THE TIME, but they haven't ever been over for dinner and to play inside before. Everyone had such a great time.

We registered Jackson for Kindergarten a couple weeks ago! I can't believe he's going to be in kindergarten already! He's so excited!

I took a few pictures of the kids for St. Patrick's Day this past week and they turned out so cute!!

The kids started swim lessons last Friday night in preparation of our pool opening this Summer. Our first class was a lot of fun!

I have been so far behind on printing the kids yearly picture books. So I got my act together and finished one for each of them. Now I'm only about a year behind. Ha. If you'd like to view these books in their entirety, you can view Jackson's here and Avery's here. :-) I used Mixbook again (just as I have every year) and I am always so pleased with them. I ordered the books and received them all in the same week with standard shipping.

I think that catches us up for now. :-)