Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jackson's 19 Month Post!

Jackson turned 19 months old on the 20th of May. (I'm just a little late in getting this posted.)

Jackson weighed 28.8 lbs. at the doctors office last week. I took him in for pink eye and he ended up having a double ear infection as well. He was given Augmentin for the infection, which a few days later caused a rash all over his body. After a second trip to the doctor that week, we discovered he's allergic to Penicillin, (which is in Augmentin). So the doctor gave him a dose of steroids and the rash is slowly but surely fading away. He's now on Azythromycin (Z-Pak) for the ear infection and his pink eye is gone.

Jackson has said a few more words this month. He now says "Ginkie" (Binkie), "mine", "bow bow" (rainbow), "Papa" is a big time favorite and "eww". He's also started waving hi and bye at people in the store or on the street. :-)

He tries to jump now and mimics a lot of what we do. He even mimics the dogs sometimes. Max runs around in a circle while he waits for us to open the back door to go outside. Jackson has started doing the same thing when he's in front of the back door. Its so cute. He also carries stuff around in his mouth like the dogs. Ha.

He goes through phases where he eats pretty good and then other times doesn't eat much of anything. He's really loving fruit snacks lately. I can buy myself around 10 minutes if I put him in his high chair with his juice and a little bag of fruit snacks. :-)

He absolutely LOVES to be outside. In fact, I don't know if there's anything he loves more than to be outside. He will throw a fit to go outside! Speaking of fit throwing, he's throwing them quite a bit more lately. Which is no fun at all! 

He has such a sweet side though and can be so cuddly when he wants to be. My nephew Landon fell down the other day outside and started crying and Jackson was so concerned for Landon. He was right there by him and checking to make sure he was okay and when my mom went over to get Landon up, Jackson looked up at her and fake cried. It was pretty funny and so sweet.

He has 16 teeth now!

All in all, he's doing great and we are, as always, having so much fun with him!