Thursday, May 19, 2016

Costa Rica: Part 3

Monday was definitely my favorite day in Costa Rica. We spent the entire day on a private catamaran and it was ah-mazing!!

That morning we got up, got ready and headed down to eat breakfast. We then went down to the beach where the catamaran was waiting for us! 

They used the little dingy boat you see in the picture above to take us from the beach to the catamaran. Once we were all settled in, the captain to us over to an island where we snorkeled and had a BBQ lunch on the beach. The ride there was so much fun and so relaxing! 

They had fishing equipment on the boat so a friend of ours fished and caught a Skipjack Tuna. They saved it for us and grilled it right up at the BBQ! It was very cool to watch him reel it in and eat such fresh caught fish! 

Once we got to the little private island, we got our snorkeling gear on and one of the crew mates took us snorkeling. Right as we were stopping, I saw a sea turtle pop his head above the water! Unfortunately, he went back under water before I could get a picture. I didn't get any pictures of us snorkeling, but it was very cool. We saw a lot of tropical, colorful fish. 

After snorkeling we had our BBQ, which was so good!!

The view from the private beach while having lunch!

There were tons of these cute little guys all over the beach!

After lunch, the captain took us back into the forest of the island to see if we could find some monkeys. He brought some fruit with us to feed them and sure enough we found some. It was the coolest thing ever! They ate right out of our hand. They were so cute!!!

On our way back to the boat, we spotted a lizard!

After our little hike into the woods to feed the monkeys we spent a little more time exploring the beach. It was so beautiful!

Next, we got back on the boat and headed to another island. This island had a little cave that we were able to go in.

On this same island, there was this trail that went up this pretty steep hill. Once you were up there it just dropped right off the side of a cliff. It was a beautiful view, but these pictures really don't do it justice just how high we were and how steep of a drop it was.

Once back down on the beach, we walked back to the catamaran to start heading back.

Once back on the boat, we had a few drinks and relaxed. It was a lovely ride back and the sunset was amazing!! We even saw a few dolphins, but they were too quick for me to get a picture of them. It was the perfect end to an amazing day!

A yummy mojito.

We got back to the resort right after sunset.

Next week, I'll finish up our Costa Rica posts! I hope you're enjoying them. :-)