Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our Weekend

I had a great long weekend and am back to work today. I hope you all had a nice weekend as well.

♥ Friday night we had my nieces and nephew spend the night with us. The girls and I watched Never Say Never. Of course they're big Justin Bieber fans being that they are 11 years old. I had heard really great things about the movie so I asked the girls to bring it with them so we could watch it. It was very well put together and fun to watch how J.B. became the star he is today.

♥ Saturday, the girls and I went to the first, of hopefully many, sewing class at church. A friend from church, Wendy,  is a great sewer and offered to give us a little sewing class. We all made a bag out of a pillow case. It was so fun! Here's a picture of all of us with the bag we made.

Then Saturday evening I cleaned the house to get ready for our Super Bowl party the next day. While cleaning I finally got around to one of the pinterest projects I'd been wanting to do. A picture frame collage for our living room wall. It took me a little while to figure out how I wanted to do this, and it wasn't easy getting all the picture frames hung evenly. But I managed to get it up and I absolutely love it! Here are some pictures.

♥ Then Sunday we had our Super Bowl party, which was a lot of fun. We've had a Superbowl party every year since we've been married and they're always a fun time. I never really watch the game, but its fun to visit with everyone and eat all the yummy food. This year I decided to try making football shaped brownies. They were surprising easy to make and so cute!

Cheese ball my mom made for the party! So cute.

Everybody watching the game in our basement.

My cousin took this picture of Jackson. He had on a cute little football outfit. I wish I would have gotten a better picture of it. :-(

♥ Then yesterday I had the day off, so I spent the day just hanging out with this handsome boy! We did a little photo shoot as I was trying out some different settings on my camera and some different editing tools on Picasa.

I'm so in love with his blue eyes! ♥♥♥

Now its back to work. Boo :-(  But at least I have another 3 day weekend coming up!! ☺