Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cutest KC Chiefs Fans Ever!

I've posted these pictures on Facebook and Instagram, but I figured I better post them here too. :-)

It's no secret that my husband is a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan! His family is from KC and he was actually born there as well. His mom moved him and his two brothers here to St. Louis when Jake was around 2 or 3. When it comes to sports, Jake's a loyal KC fan. He always roots for the Chiefs and for the Royals! Our whole "man cave" is decorated in Chiefs decor. So when the Chiefs played Monday night football this past Monday night, it was almost like the Super Bowl for Jake. He invited a few friends/family over to watch the game and we had a little party at our house. 

So since I was off work Monday, I spent the day cleaning and getting ready for our company. I also thought I'd get the kids dressed up in their Chiefs-wear and take a few pictures of them in the back yard to frame for Jake's desk at work. :-) 

Avery cooperated very well and hammed it up for the camera. Jackson on the other hand, did NOT want his picture taken. As usual, he hates stopping and sitting still to have his picture taken and Monday was no different. Thankfully my parents had come over early so that my dad could look at our air conditioner that had stopped working right, (Thankfully he was able to fix it... my Dad's the best!) so my mom helped me with the kids pictures and promised Jackson some gum if he sat and took the picture. ;-) Thankfully that eventually worked and I got a couple cute shots of him too. :-)

So without further adieu... here is a collection of the cutest KC Chiefs Fans Ever!!

And my favorite of them all...

She's starting to sit up for short periods of time by herself! It's so stinkin cute and she thinks she's big stuff. My mom was right there to catch her if need be, which she had to do a couple of times. :-)