Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Kindergarten Field Trips: Great Skate and Purina Farms

Jackson had two field trips in the month of March. The first was to Great Skate. Jake took him on this one because I couldn't get off work to go. They brought their lunch and ate at the skating rink. They had a lot of fun skating around! It was a very fun day!

The next field trip was to Purina Farms. It was for their Sptingtime Village. They had all kinds of baby animals for us to see and pet and the Easter Bunny was there too for pictures! I'm thankful I was able to take him on this one and we had such a fun day despite the pouring rain and cold temperatures. Thankfully most of it was inside. I had two of his classmates in my group along with Jackson and they were all so cute and had so much fun together!

And we also saw a little magic show and Jackson got picked to come up and help with a trick. It was super cute!

Jackson had a great time on both of his field trips. He has another one coming up in May that I'll be going on and we're going the zoo, which is always a fun time.