Friday, March 21, 2014

5 on Friday: All About Jackson

Happy Friday!
I'm linking up today with the ladies above for 5 on Friday!!

For this edition of 5 on Friday, I thought I'd share 5 things about Jackson lately (and a few random bathtime pictures thrown in). He's at such a fun age right now and doing and saying new things each day that I don't want to forget!

First, he finally went pee on the potty for the first time this past Wed. evening! We aren't necessarily potty training yet, but he's shown an interest in it, so we sit him on the potty occasionally to get him used to it, but he never actually does anything. Well, Wed. evening I was home with him and before he got in the bath, I asked if he wanted to sit on the potty. Normally, he says no, but this time he said he did. And sure enough, he had to go. :-) He and I were both so proud! Here's to hoping for more successful potty trips!

We've taught Jackson that Red means Stop, Green means Go and Yellow means Slow! Its so cute to hear him say them, so I posted a video on Instagram of it. You can find the video at the link below. (The video is a little dark as we were watching a little t.v. before bed and we had the lights off in the living room.)

Jackson is in the "huh" stage as I like to call it. He says "huh" all the time, for every little thing. I'm guessing it helps him learn, but it can be a little annoying when I have to repeat myself 10 times for everything I say. I know a majority of kids go through it, but I'm hoping it's short lived. Ha.

Last night we went to an Art Fair at Jackson's Pre-school! It was so cute. They had several pieces of art work displayed for each child. They were all so proud of their work! They also had several "art making" stations for the kids and they had an ice cream social as well. It was a really fun night!

Jackson standing under one of his pieces of art! He was so proud. :-)

He's really interested in letters, numbers and shapes right now. I'm guessing these are things he's working on in school. He's got circle, triangle, square, star and heart down pretty well for his shapes and can make hand motions for circle and triangle. Letters and numbers are a little more tricky for him. He did point out an O the other night in one of his books and called it an O and also said it was a circle. He's also pointed out an E and a C before. When it comes to numbers, everything above 1 is a 9. He has several blankies and when I say he can only bring one, sometimes he will put all but one down, but then sometimes he says "no 9 blankies" even if he only has 3 in his hand. Ha. If you ask him how many of anything he wants, its always 9. He's really fixed on the number 9 for some reason. :-)

So those are just a few things I want to remember about Jackson right now. He's growing and learning so much these days and each day brings something new.