Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Welcome Home Wednesday

When we first started talking about moving, we had actually just re-decorated Jackson's room and had given him a big-boy room! You can view it here. I absolutely loved the way his big-boy room turned out, so I didn't want to do much to change it at the new house. It's had decorations and been pretty well done for quite a while now, but my dad just added the base-boards, so I feel as though it's complete (aside from replacing the blinds with faux wood blinds and re-finishing his chest-of-drawers).

Here's a picture from the door.

Jackson had a little 3-drawer dresser from his nursery that he had used ever since he was born, but in the last couple of weeks, my Aunt and Uncle had a chest of drawers they were getting rid of and asked if we wanted it. Since Jackson had kind of grown out of his little dresser, we said sure and put it in Jackson's room. It's a very nice chest of drawers but is off white, which doesn't really go with the white that is everywhere else in his room, so we plan to re-paint it sometime soon. I am also thinking of adding cars as drawer-pulls like this!

My husband loves corvettes, so when I saw this little sign at Hobby Lobby, I picked it up for Jackson's room. I found the blue license plate at a vintage market sale, the firetruck painting was artwork done by Jackson and the little canvas is from Hobby Lobby. The clock is from Walmart and the white shadow box is from Hobby Lobby that I added cars to.

My sister made the bunting. I just love it.

I also had seen on Pinterest where people used a metal drip pan from Walmart as a magnet board. I thought this would be a great idea for Jackson's room since it went with the theme and it gave us a place for all the magnets we have that I didn't want on the front of our new refrigerator. ;-)

The light is from Ikea. I thought it looked similar to something you would see in a garage, which fit with the theme of Jackson's room. :-)

So that's Jackson's room as of right now. I may update this post as we add things like new blinds and paint his dresser, etc.