Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Disneyland/SoCal Vacation 2018: Day 3

Day 3 was another full day of Disneyland. We had a Character Breakfast at our hotel that morning, a reservation for Avery at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique that afternoon and tickets to the Mickey's Halloween Party that night! So this will be another long post full of tons and tons of pictures!!

We started the day with bubble baths in the jacuzzi tub!! So fun!

Then it was off to the Mickey's Tales of Adventure Breakfast Buffet at the Storyteller's Cafe in our hotel. The food was delicious and it's always so much fun to eat with the characters!!

After breakfast, we went back to our room and changed into our swimming suits since it would be the last day we'd have time to swim.

After spending some time in the pool, we went back up to our room and got ready for the Mickey's Halloween Party and for Avery's 3:30 appointment at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique!!

We had decided to set her appointment up for this day since she'd be getting a princess make-over and gown and would be all ready to go in her new costume for the Halloween Party. She had already decided that she wanted the Cinderella gown and I was SO happy that she picked Cinderella since she's my favorite!


Avery absolutely loved every second of her make-over. She's such a girly girl and just ate up all that attention. Her "Fairy Godmother's in Training" were so sweet and made her feel so special. It was really so much fun for Avery and for my MIL and I. We may or may not have shed a few tears watching Avery get her make-over. It was just all so magical!

After getting all made-up like Cinderella, we had to wait our turn for Avery's photo shoot!! So we went outside and did a little photo shoot of our own while we waited! ;-)

Then, it was time for Avery's special photo shoot (which was part of our Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Package.)

I also took a few pictures myself.

Then afterwards, we got to meet Snow White, Ariel and of course, Cinderella without having to wait in the long line. :-)

Then Rapunzel happened to be right outside as we were walking out, so we waited in line to meet her too. We were first in line since she was going in just as we were getting in line and we had to wait a little while for her to come back, so she ended up spending quite a bit of time with Avery, which is always so fun! She was so cute and reminded me so much of Rapunzel.

Afterwards, we met back up with everyone else and went and rode a few rides and got some candy!

As we were in line for the Alice in Wonderland Ride, I noticed that Alice and the Mad Hatter were over RIDING the teacups with guests. So obviously, my MIL, Avery and I jumped out of line and ran over there to try and share a teacup with Alice! We didn't manage to share a teacup with either of them, but as soon as our ride was over, we ran over to Alice to get a quick hug and picture and since they were leaving right after our ride, Alice took Avery's hand and they walked all the way out together and they both took a picture with Avery, which was pretty cool too!

Afterwards we rode a few more rides before getting a spot on Main Street for the Halloween Parade and Fireworks!!

We waited so long for the parade that both of the kids fell asleep before it started. We were so sad and even tried to wake them up, but they wouldn't budge.

When we saw that Vampirina was in the parade, we tried really hard to wake Avery up, but she just wouldn't budge. The harder we tried, the more mad she got, so we decided to let her sleep. She even slept through the fireworks, which were loud and bright. She must have been VERY tired!

The Halloween Parade was good, but the fireworks show was AMAZING!! Jackson did manage to wake up for the fireworks and he really liked them too! The fireworks show had a strong emphasis on "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and Jack Skellington Narrated! It was really really good.

Zero the dog flying over the castle!!

After the fireworks, my MIL took Avery back to our room because she was asleep and we rode a few more rides.

The Haunted Mansion was so cool all lit up at night.

As we were leaving, many of the characters were out front and it was so cool to see so many of the villains!

And that's a wrap of another exciting day at Disneyland!!