Monday, August 22, 2011

My sister's "Owl Themed" Baby Shower

As I promised on Friday, here are the pictures from my sister's baby shower this past Saturday. It was a HOOT!!! ;-) It was an owl themed shower and my mom and I made all the decorations!! My sister picked the theme and we ran with it. :-) She got a lot of great stuff and we enjoyed spending time with family and friends. It was a great day!

I only wish Grammy could have been there to enjoy the day with us. I think about her every day but its events like this when I really miss her most. She would have enjoyed the shower so much.

But enough sad talk. Here are some pictures from the shower. :-)

Table set for the shower.

Close up picture of the centerpieces. They were a "Mason" Jar, decorated as an owl in a nest, with little owls hanging from branches. 

This was the centerpiece for Ashlee's table. Its a diaper cake that my mom made for her. She even crocheted the hat on top and the owl toy on the front. 

 The cake table. My mom and I made the pom poms and my sister made the cake and cupcakes.

Cake and cupcakes. We cut all the little owls out using our cricut.

Close up of the cake.

Close up of the cupcakes.

Ashlee with the cake and cupcakes she made for the shower. 

Gift table with a clothes line of clothes I got Mason above it.

Close up of the clothes line.

Close up picture of the gifts.

 A super cute diaper trike that Ashlee's sister in law made for her! So cute!

The food buffet. Yummy sandwiches, veggies, fruit and chips. My mom and I made the banner and pom poms. 

Some of the guests that had already arrived.

Ashlee opening her gifts.

Big brother Landon helping his mommy open the gifts. He had so much fun helping open gifts. :-)

Ashlee and I. :-)

Baby Belly's.

Now its just three more weeks til my shower! I can't wait!!