Monday, November 5, 2012

Jackson's 12 Month Post

I had originally planned on taking Jackson's picture monthly, throughout his second year, and still buy a new piece of fabric every month for a backdrop. But my sister gave me the idea to take his monthly picture using the quilt she is making for him as a back drop. It is squares of all the fabrics I used from his first year weekly pictures. Its not done yet, but she had enough of the squares sown together for me to take his picture with it. ☺ So here is his 12 month picture and stats!

Jackson went for his 1 year check up today at the Pediatrician. He weighed 25 lbs. 3 ozs. and measured 32" tall! He's in the 90th percentile for weight and 95th percentile for height. She said he's walking great and looked very healthy, other than the cold and ear infection he has. :-( So she put him on a stronger antibiotic than the last one he had. Hopefully that takes care of it!  He had to get 3 shots that he would normally get at a year and then he also got the first of 2 rounds of the flu shot. He has to go back in 4 weeks and get the second round. And if that wasn't bad enough, he also had to get his finger pricked so they could check his iron levels. My poor baby was so upset that he took a very long nap today. Thankfully, he was his happy self when he woke up! 

After he turned one, we started giving him a little bit of whole milk by mixing it in with his formula. He took to it really well and is now taking 3 eight ounce bottles of whole milk a day, along with 3 main meals and a few snacks in between. :-) He's a great eater and loves vegetables, fruits, eggs, bread, chicken nuggets, little pieces of hot dog, grilled cheese, pancakes and waffles, veggie straws and applesauce.

He's not saying very many words yet, but he talks baby talk all the time now and its so cute. Its like his own little language. I really wish I knew what he was saying. Ha! The actual words he does say are: Dada, Momma, Bye Bye and he says Yay when he claps his hands. He will put a phone up to his ear and say hi or even hello sometimes. He also tries to say touchdown, but its more like "Ta". He will throw the ball down and we all say "Touchdown"! He lifts his hands in the air when we say TaDa and he says TaDa with us! He also lifts his hands in the air when they say "Blast Off" on Little Einsteins! He just recently started coming over to me and laying his head on my leg or arm and saying Awww! It melts my heart every time.

He still has the 4 top middle teeth and 4 bottom middle teeth. The Dr. said today he may start to get molars soon. I'm not looking forward to that. :-(

He loves to watch anything on Nick Jr. or Disney Jr. His favorite show right now is probably Backyardigans. He dances when he hears music by waving his arms around! ☺ We have a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Wonder Pets C.D. for our cars and if he's in the car and starts to get fussy, we just play one of those c.d.s and he calms right down. He really likes music!

He's a very happy and playful little boy. He's very busy and into everything he can gets his hands on, which is quite a lot because he's so darn tall!! He's so sweet and we just love him so much and are really enjoying this age! He's so much fun and we are so blessed to have him in our lives. 

I love you sweet Jackson!