Monday, May 2, 2016

T-Ball: Jackson's First Game of the Season

Jackson had his first T-Ball game of the season a couple of Saturdays ago. He's been practicing every Tuesday with his new team, but he was still a little bit shy when he first started playing at his game. It didn't take him long though before he was out there hitting the ball and running the bases like a champ. His Daddy was helping coach, so that helped boost his confidence a little bit too I think. ;-)

I love the team and league he's playing for. Since we moved, we had to find him a new team from the league he played on last year. This league is so much more organized and everyone is really nice. We love it and are looking forward to this T-Ball season and hopefully many more!

The team he's on is called The Rangers! All the teams in this league have Pro-Baseball names. Their opponents for this first game were The Orioles!

Here are a few pictures of my little baseball player!

Avery cheering on her brother...

...and eating licorice.

Go Rangers!!!