Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My "Twilight" Themed Birthday Party

For the past couple years, my Mother in Law, Sister in Laws, and I have had a tradition that for each of our birthday's we plan a surprise "Girls Night Out". My birthday was on the 12th of April, but with Easter and everything, we pushed our Girls night back to the 24th, which was this past Sat. Well, I'm sure you know by now that I'm a huge Twilight fan! And for my b-day this year they planned a Surprise Twilight Party for me. They decorated my MIL's kitchen with a Twilight theme and we had Italian for dinner. My presents were mostly Twilight themed and they bought Twilight themed tattoos for us to put on. They even bought me a cardboard Edward!! :-) For our entertainment, we watched both Twilight and New Moon. It was such a fun night! Here are a few pictures from our party.

My MIL, SIL's and I with Edward!!
The table decorated "Twilight" style.
Chips, dips and cupcakes.
My gifts.
Me, opening my gifts.
My Twilight tattoos. One says "I love Edward" the other is bite marks.
Twilight cupcakes.
Edward and I!!! I doubt Edward appreciates standing next to me in my Team Jacob attire. ;-)  I am more Team Edward I guess than Team Jacob, however I love them both and since my husband's name is Jacob, my MIL and SIL bought me Team Jacob stuff.