Friday, December 6, 2013

A Visit with Santa

Before I get started, I first want to say a big Thank You to everyone who linked up with Holly and I yesterday for our Christmas Traditions Link-Up! I've loved reading all about your traditions and hope to comment on all of them today!

Now onto our trip to see Santa. :-) We took Jackson to see Santa last night at the mall. We've taken him there every year since he was born. It was a new Santa this year though and he was great! I had been talking up Santa with Jackson before we went and he was even saying HoHoHo when I woudl ask him what Santa says. Super cute!! So when we got there, Jake took Jackson right up to him and Jackson gave him a high five. We were thinking, oh good, he's going to do great again this year. However, it went down hill when Jake went to sit Jackson on Santa's lap. Jackson was not having it and actually got down and ran and got back in his stroller, Ha! I so wish I had gotten it on video.

So I stepped in and took Jackson back over to see Santa and he was not happy about it. So I got him a candy cane and sat next to Santa with Jackson on my lap and he calmed down when I showed him the candy. He was fine as long as I was holding him, but the moment I tried to set Jackson next to Santa and scooch out of the picture, it was all over. :-(

So needless to say, Jackson is sitting on my lap in this picture and they were able to get a couple shots of him where he's not crying. I tried leaning back out of the picture, but you can still see that he's clearly sitting on my lap. Ha. Oh well, at least we got a picture and have a fun little story to tell someday. :-)

As we were leaving, we told Jackson to say bye to Santa and he did say bye to him and waved. It was cute. He just didn't want to sit on his lap. ;-)

And because I always like a comparison. Here are all 3 Santa pictures side-to-side. :-) I just love seeing how he's grown each year.