Thursday, December 10, 2015

What Jackson is Getting For Christmas This Year

Jackson was also fun to buy for this year! We tried to scale back a little bit on his gifts because we had just gotten him the Power Wheels Camaro for his birthday and that was a rather expensive gift. However, I wanted him to at least have the same amount of items to open on Christmas morning as Avery has. So we just tried to make sure his gifts weren't quite as expensive and luckily he's still at an age where we can get away with that.;-)

I think this will probably be his gift from Santa. It's a Paw Patrol Headquarters! He loves these kinds of toys and he loves Paw Patrol so I'm sure this will be a hit.

Like I said in Avery's gift post, Jackson also got a cool desk chair for coloring at or eating a snack. I really think they will love these and they'll come in handy too. :-)

One thing Jackson has really been into lately is legos! He loves building with legos, so we got him this giant box of legos for Christmas.

And because he LOVES playing with play-doh, we got him this whole play-doh fun factory!

He's at a good age to introduce board games. He got Hi-Ho Cherry-O for his birthday and really enjoys playing that, so we decided to get him a few age-appropriate board games for Christmas. We got him Connect 4, Trouble and Hungry Hungry Hippo!

He's also getting a couple pair of pajamas. Sadly, he's starting to grow out of his 5t pajamas and I had to buy him "big kids" sized pajamas this time!

He's also getting a suitcase for our big Disney trip next year which I think he will really like. I think he will get a kick out of having his "own" suitcase!

And then lastly, this will be something for both kids to open. We got them a dual portable dvd player for the car. We thought this would be great for the long drive to Disney World next year and any other trips we decide to take. :-)

I'm so excited for Christmas morning this year. I think the kids are both at such great ages! It will be a lot of fun opening presents!