Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jackson is 12 Weeks Old!

Jackson turned 12 weeks old this past Thursday and had his 12 week Dr. appt. this past Saturday. He weighed 14 lbs. 13 ozs. (he's in the 75th to 90th percentile on his weight) and is 24 3/4" long (he's in the 75th percentile on his length). He's such a big boy. Unfortunately he had to get 2 shots and drink the Rotavirus vaccine. He drank the medicine fine but did not care for the shots at all. Of course Mommy and Daddy didn't like that Jackson had to get those mean old shots either. :-(  It makes me cry every time and Daddy couldn't even look.

The Dr. said that Jackson is doing great. He said he's holding his head up like a 4 month old and growing and gaining weight like a champ!! He's still doing well with 6 ozs. of formula every 4 hours. The Dr. said he can start having rice cereal at 4 months, so we're looking forward to trying that then.

We also tried putting him in his crib at night for the first time this past weekend. He has done great so far. The first night we tried, he slept from midnight til 6:30. Then last night we tried again, but it kind of got messed up because we had some thunderstorms come through and the tornado sirens went off. He slept from around 9:15 til I guess it was around 2 or 3 when the sirens went off. I got him and put him in his little bed in our room when I heard the sirens, but he slept through the whole storm and even moving him into our room didn't wake him up. He didn't wake up again until 5. I fed him then, and put him back in his crib awake (but tired), where he fell asleep on his own and was still sleeping when I left for work this morning at 7:30. My mom said at close to 9 he was still asleep!! He's such a good sleeper and I'm SO thankful for that.

One other thing I wanted to document for this week is, he has been mimicking me blowing raspberries and its the cutest thing ever. He started this on Saturday and I couldn't believe it at first. He was really watching my mouth when I would blow raspberries at him and then he started trying to blow them back at me. He even makes the same sound as me. Its so cute. I really need to try to video it.

I feel so blessed to have a happy and healthy baby. Here's his 12 week picture...