Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Weekend

I recently changed my "every other Friday off" to "every other Monday off", since I'm down to seeing the Dr. every two weeks now and needing to actually see the Dr. instead of the Physicians Asst. My Dr. isn't in on Friday's, so I made my appts. for Mondays. I'm really liking having Mondays off!! :-)

I was off yesterday for my 32 week baby Dr. appt. Everything is going great!! His heartbeat sounded good and I was measuring right at 32 weeks. Its so hard to believe that I'll be at 33 weeks tomorrow and only 7 more weeks til my due date. I'm so excited and a little nervous as well.

My sister, also had an appt. at the baby Dr. yesterday, so my mom and I went with her so that we could watch Landon for her while she went in to see the Dr. Her and I go to the same Dr. so I spent a lot of time there yesterday, lol. Her appt. was more serious though, as she has been put on bed rest for some early contractions. She's on medication for the next 3 weeks to keep the contractions away, and at 36 weeks they'll take her off bed rest and the medication and whatever happens, happens! So she's pretty bummed about being on bed rest, but she knows its for the best and we need to keep little Mason baking for just a little longer.

Sunday morning we went to church, then had lunch with my parents and our Pastor and his wife. After lunch, we just went home and I cleaned up the house. I've been so tired lately that I had been putting off cleaning for a while and knew I really should take the time to clean since we didn't have any plans for the rest of the day. I'm glad I did it. I always love a clean house. :-)

Saturday was a busy day. My car had a recall on it, so I dropped it off at the dealership for that to be fixed. After that was fixed, I had a hair cut appt. for that afternoon. Then that evening we took my SIL Amie out for her birthday. We had dinner at The Drunken Fish, which is mostly known for their sushi. I, being pregnant, had chicken instead, ;-) After dinner we went back to my MIL's house for cake! It was a fun girl's night out!

Friday night Jake and I just relaxed at home and watched the Chiefs vs. Rams game. Even though we live in St. Louis, Jake is a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan. Since they are both Missouri teams, its always fun when the Chiefs play the Rams. The Chiefs lost the game, but since its still pre-season, its not anything to get too bummed about. Jake, of course, still had to hear about it from all the Rams fans here in St. Louis. LOL. He loves it though.

So that was my weekend. I had some fun and some downtime, which was GREAT!!