Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jackson is 3 1/2!


This past Monday, April 20th, you turned 3 1/2 and I really cannot believe it. You are starting to look so old. Your baby face and chub are gone and a tall, skinny little big boy have replaced it. You are so sweet and hilarious! You amaze me with all that you know and can do. You can count to 12 and are really close to being able to count to 20, you can spell your first name (you do this first thing when we drop you off at pre-school), you can sing all of your abc's and can pick out a few letters and numbers and you know all of your colors. You are very polite and almost always say please and thank you. You are shy around people you don't know, but usually warm up to them quickly. You are brave and you are loyal. Your daddy and I just love you to pieces and we're so very proud of you!!

Some of your favorite things:
-Peanut Butter Sandwiches (cut in shapes like Mickey Mouse, a star or heart)
-Cinnamon Rolls, Nutty Bars and Donuts
-Downloading apps on the ipac (also known as an ipad)
-Running and playing outside and at the park
-Going for walks in the wagon or stroller
-Riding your bike or driving your Lightening McQueen car
-Paw Patrol, Team Umizoomi and Blaze and the Monster Machines are your "Favorite shows in the World!"
-Playing with cars and Disney action figures
-Cake Pops from "Star-box" (aka Starbucks) We've started a Friday evening trip through the Starbucks drive-thru for cake-pops (and a White Chocolate Mocha latte for Mommy)

Some funny things you've said recently:

After waking up in our bed one morning...
Me: Why did you come and get in our bed last night?
Jackson: I didn't, I disappeared from my bed and then was in your bed.

On our way to some friends of ours house...
Me: We are going to Natalie and Alivia's house tonight.
Jackson: My gonna be shy.
Me: You don't need to be shy, they are nice.
Jackson: Yeah my do.

While playing hide and go seek (before you really learned to count)...
Jackson: You go hide and I will count.
Me: Okay
Jackson counting: One, Two, Free, Eleven, Klelve... Ready or not, here MY come!

 Me: Jackson, can you pick up your toys?
Jackson: Mommy, what you said?

After spending a lot of time with a few of your cousins one weekend, I took you and Avery to a park on my Monday off and when we got there you didn't really want to play by yourself so you said, "I need a cousin to play with." :-)

Our Bradford Pear Trees bloomed a few weeks ago and when Jackson woke up that morning he saw the white flowers out of the little window on our front door. It's up high so he could only see that there was white on the tree. So when he saw this he told my mom it had snowed outside! Ha. She had to open the door to show him that in fact, it was just flowers on the tree, not snow.

If you're asking Daddy a question and mommy answers it instead, you'll say, "No mommy, I'm talking at Daddy". Ha!

You are very protective of Avery, (when you're not the one bothering her). She likes to stand up in the bathtub and not lay still for diaper changes, so I have to tell her no and of course she cries and when this happens you always say, "don't make my baby cry"!

You say, "I told you" if we say something won't work and then it does.

"Sunder Storm" = Thunder Storm
"I did that last day" = I did that yesterday, or a month ago... ha!

You say living room with y's like... "yiving yoom" and kitchen is "chichen".

Your best friend (in the whole world) is Gabe at pre-school and it's so cute how much you love him. We were at your school for your art fair this past Friday night and you were being shy when we first got there. But when you saw Gabe, that all changed and you went running over to him. :-)

We've got you all signed up for pee-wee baseball this Spring/Summer. I can't wait to see you out there playing!

So I think that about covers you at 3 1/2 Jackson! You are so much fun right now (despite the few tantrums and whiny moments) and I absolutely love being your mommy!