Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Fun Fall Day at the Park

This past Sunday was a gorgeous day outside. Though it's technically still Summer, the temperature this past week has better reflected Fall. The high on Sunday was in the 70's and it was a perfect day for the park! 

While it's football season, my sister, brother-in-law and my 2 nephews usually come over to our house after church so that the guys can watch football together... Go Chiefs! So while the guys watched football in the "man-cave" my sister and I took the kids to the park just down the street from us and of course I took along my camera. :-) I wanted to get a cute picture of Avery in the outfit she was wearing because I LOVE it and we also wanted to try and get a good picture of all 4 grand-kids for our parents. Thankfully we succeeded at both! :-)

 Avery hamming it up for the camera. :-)

The boys swinging at the park.

Little Miss Cutie!

My princess and I. My little "prince" didn't want to get in a picture with me. :-(

My sister with her boys.

The boys playing in the sand. 

A cute picture of all 4 kiddos. :-) This is so rare because Jackson is a nightmare to try to get posed pictures of. We succeeded though with bribery! Ha. Whatever works right?