Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A couple more pages for my Mom's 50th Birthday album.

I made these two layouts for my Mom's 50th birthday album that we gave to her on her birthday back in December. I've been working on pages of her party that we gave her. The first is of some of the guests sitting at the tables and of her cake that my sister made for her. I used a sketch from Practical Scrappers and I'm really happy with the way it turned out. I used my Make the Cut software for all the cuts.
The Sketch.

This second layout is of my mom with the birthday cake my sister made for the party. I made the layout look like the actual cake. Just wanted to try something different for a change.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our back yard.

I've spent the last couple weeks working in our back yard and trying to get some things done that have been needing to be done. When we bought our house 3 years ago, one thing it didn't have that I wished it had, was a patio of some kind. With all the remodeling on the inside, we just didn't have the money to put in a patio or deck of any kind when we bought the house. Well last year my aunt and uncle put in new landscaping and had over 600 gray landscaping bricks they wanted to get rid of. Well I was so happy to take them off their hands. :-) We were finally able to get the patio put in this past Friday. Its nothing big, but will be nice to put a couple chairs out there and a little table, a great place for the BBQ grill and definately great when its nasty out and I have 8 muddy paws to deal with. Here are a few pictures of our new patio!
The hole dug out for the patio.

The gravel that goes in before the sand and bricks.

The finished patio.  Ready for dirt and sod around it.

The patio with the dirt all leveled up and ready for sod.

The patio all finished with the grass growing all around it nicely.
Our house came with a wooden playset, that we hadn't really done anything with, due to not having kids nor money to really do anything with it. I was sick of the weeds growing up in it and figured it was time to get it looking nice. Though we still don't have any kids, we do have 9 nieces and nephews that will enjoy it now that its in working order. It was just basically the wood and one swing when we moved in. So we added another swing and slide that I got on Cragislist for only $35!! :-) Here are some before and after pictures.

The playground before. Lots of weeds and no slide.
Digging out the weeds, old mulch and plastic.
Our playground all finished up and looking nice! :-)
My nephew Landon, enjoying the new slide!
One last thing I wanted to share was a couple pictures of some hummingbirds at my feeder. I put it out for the first time a week or two ago and got 2 pretty good pictures of 2 different hummingbirds. Thanks for looking!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Some layouts from my mom's 50th Birthday.

Now that I've finished up my halloween layouts, I've moved onto finishing up the album we made for my mom's 50th B-day. Here are some layouts from her B-day dinner and party. I have a few more left to do, but this is what I was able to get done this past weekend and the weekend before. Thanks for looking.

The last few layouts for Halloween 2009!

I was able to get a few layouts done this past weekend and the weekend before. I'm happy to say, I'm now caught up in my halloween/fall album. These are the last few layouts. Thanks for looking.