Thursday, September 11, 2014

Avery's Fourth Month

My Sweet Avery,
As of Thursday, August 28th, you are 4 months old. Where did the time go baby girl?

(Read about her first month, second month and third month.)

At your 4 month check up this past Monday (Sept. 8th) you weighed 16 lbs. 4 ozs (90th %) and were 26 1/4 inches long (95th %). You've doubled your birth weight and have grown 6 inches since birth! You are such a chunk and you have rolls for days and I absolutely love it!

Maw Maw took you to your 4 month check up while I was at work. You had to get 2 shots at this appointment, the first of which you didn't cry at all, but the second you did. :-( A funny thing that happened at this appointment was, the Dr. asked Maw Maw if you could roll over yet and Maw Maw said no, but that you were close. So just to prove Maw Maw wrong, you rolled over from your belly to your back right on the examination table! Ha. Crazy girl!

You are wearing all 6 month clothes and sleepers now and we had to move you up to a size 3 diapers!
You are eating around 6-7 ounce bottles every 4 hours or so now and we still have to warm them up some for you. We tried some rice cereal for the first time last Thursday (Sept. 4th). You were a little unsure about it at first, but you ended up eating the whole bowl and have eaten it at least once just about every day since then. Your pediatrician said you can now try baby food, so we may get some carrots this weekend and give them a try. :-)

 (Giving the highchair a try for the first time.)

You are still sleeping great at night. You usually go to sleep at around 9 p.m. in your Rock n' Play in our room and will often wake up once to take a bottle between 1 and 2 and then you normally go back to sleep until around 7 or 8. There are some nights when we get lucky and you sleep all night long and don't wake up until 9 the next morning!! You love to have your blankie over your face to fall asleep and the binkie is still hit or miss. You never keep it in your mouth for long, so I'm not sure if you will be a binkie baby or not. You certainly don't seem to be a this point. You usually take a short nap in the morning and then a longer nap in the afternoon, followed by an occasional short nap in the early evening.

You have gotten very "talkative" lately and you have laughed out loud several times this month. You are particularly ticklish right under your chin and you have laughed out loud at Jackson running around a time or two as well. You think he's pretty funny and I'd have to agree! :-) You've said Momma a few times when you've been upset (not on purpose of course, but that's what it sounds like you're saying). ;-) You are still teething I believe, but you haven't gotten any teeth in yet. You are constantly chewing on your hands and slobbering a lot. You've found your hands for sure and often look at them in amazement. Ha. 

You got to go to your first fancy party this past month and you had so much fun and were such a good girl. You loved all the lights on the dance floor and you would get so excited and kick your feet like you wanted to dance. :-)

(Avery, Mommy and Daddy at Pastor Allan and Christi's Fire and Ice themed 40th Anniversary Party at the Crowne Plaza in Clayton.)

Some things you love right now are: chewing on your hands, your blankie, your play-mat, being the center of attention, being outside, grabbing your feet and bathtime.
Some things you don't like are: your carseat and being in the car, not having anyone talking to you, having a dirty diaper, loud noises or voices and tummy time.

Pretty Girl, you are so sweet and I feel so blessed and grateful that I get to be your mommy! I love you so much! You are such a blessing to our family, we all just adore you sweet girl!

xoxo - Mommy