Friday, March 8, 2019

Five on Friday

Happy Friday

Avery had a play-date this past Friday with her friend Aubrei. Aubrei's mom picked them up right after school and Avery spent the afternoon there. They ate lunch together, played dress-up and dolls and had dance parties. They had a great time! Aubrei's mom sent me this adorable picture of them. They're too cute!!

Jackson and Avery both had haircuts this past Saturday. Jackson gets his cut about once a month, but Avery only gets hers cut about every 12 weeks or so, so she was excited she got to get a haircut this time around!! Her hair feels so much healthier after a haircut!

Jake and Jackson went to Monster Jam Sunday afternoon with our neighbors across the street! Jackson had a great time with his buddy Andy!!

While Jake and Jackson were at Monster Jam on Sunday afternoon, Avery and I baked homemade chocolate chip cookies. It was a snowy day, so it was perfect for staying in and baking with my favorite girl.

I saved the best for last!!

As I mentioned in a previous post earlier this year, Jake was laid off from his job on January 4th. A job he had been at for 12 years and a job he had done very well at. As I said, it was a shock and quite a disappointment when the company decided to eliminate his position. Though I work full time, he was definitely the bread winner, so to lose his income was definitely a struggle and one we were hoping wouldn't last long. Two months later to the day, Jake accepted a wonderful offer that we couldn't be more excited about. It has been a very long two months to say the least. Two months of constant job searching and interviews. But we are so thrilled he has been offered this wonderful opportunity and I'm so proud of all of his hard work and all that he does for our family! God was right in the midst of this trial and I'm so thankful for that. He knows just what we need when we need it and I truly believe this whole thing was a blessing in disguise, even when it didn't seem like it at times.