Friday, December 14, 2012

You Can't Catch Me... I'm the Gingerbread Man!

This past Monday, I was over at my sister's house making hand-print ornaments like these for our boys' grandparents. (I promise a post on this next week!)  While Jackson and I were over there, my sister wanted to make some gingerbread cookies and play a little game that her oldest son had played at school the week before. (He's in Kindergarten.)

She didn't really know all the details of the game, but Landon had told her that they made gingerbread men cookies at school and one popped out of the oven and left clues for them to find him. He said he wanted to make some gingerbread cookies at home and see if one of them popped out of the oven, Ha!

So my sister and I helped him make some gingerbread shaped sugar cookies when he got home from school that day. My sister came up with some clues and hid them around the house while he was decorating one of his cookies. Once the clues and a gingerbread man were hidden, she told him that one of the cookies were missing and that he had left a clue for him to read.

She read the first clue to him and after three more clues, he finally found the gingerbread man hiding in the Christmas tree! It was so fun and so cute! He LOVED it!

Here are some pictures I took of our fun little cookie-making/scavenger hunt!

These were the clues that she came up with. We didn't know what clues they had used at school, but we just kind of rolled with it and came up with some of our own. She just cut these into strips and hid them for him to find.

Here he is looking in the last spot...

...and here's the gingerbread man hidden in the tree before he finds him.

And here he is with the found gingerbread man!

After that, we helped our little boys decorate a gingerbread man for themselves. They loved this!

You'll have to excuse my "no make-up" face! I wasn't really planning on having any pictures of myself taken that day, but I knew I wanted pictures of Jackson eating his cookie and if that meant me being in them with no make-up on, well then so be it!

My sister helping Mason decorate and eat his cookie.

We had such a fun day on Monday making ornaments and baking! We really need to have more days like that!

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