Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Move and What I'm Loving Most About Our New House

After 6 long months, we finally moved into our new house this past weekend! The move went well and the weather was 60 degrees and sunny! Perfect moving weather. 

We are loving the new house so far! It's working out quite nicely. One of the things I'm most excited about is the space. The rooms actually feel bigger with our furniture in them. I didn't really ever think the rooms were all that big when they were empty but now they seem quite big. That is such a great feeling coming from the small 2 bedroom condo we've been living in for the last 6+ months. 

I'm also loving a full warm shower in the mornings. The condo had warm water for about 10 minutes total and then it turned freezing cold. I'd have to rush through my shower every morning to ensure it stayed warm for the duration. Jake had to start taking a shower the night before just so he'd have warm water. It's nice that we can both take nice long warm showers every morning and not have to worry about the water turning cold. 

The kids are both back to having their own rooms with a place for all their toys. Jackson had been bunking with us in the condo because there were only 2 bedrooms and Avery just doesn't sleep sound enough for her to share a room with Jackson (who doesn't understand the word quiet very well). So it's nice to have them both back in their own rooms. 

I'm loving our new kitchen. It's so nice and spacious. There is so much cabinet and drawer space. It's far more than I've ever had before. Our old house only had 2 small drawers in the whole kitchen and no pantry. It was tiny! It's so nice to have so much room for everything.

One thing I've not mentioned so far here on the blog is that my parents have actually moved in with us for a while. It is temporary but while my dad is working on the house and my mom is helping out with the kids so much, it just made sense if they stayed with us. They were renting a house about 40 minutes from where we wanted to move and it just didn't make sense to drive all around town every day to get the kids to them and my dad come to the house to work. So we are fortunate enough to have an extra room in our finished basement that is working out really well for them. They will eventually have their own bathroom down there as well but it is needing some renovations. It has been great these last few mornings getting ready for work and being able to walk out of the door without having to worry about getting the kids up and ready and take them out in the cold to my parents house. They are great helps and we are so appreciative. 

One more thing I'm really loving about the new house is the master bathroom. It's nothing to write home about. It's not large or lavish by any means, especially with it's country blue tile over over the place, but we've never had a master bathroom and I just love it! It's so nice to have our own bathroom. We'll be gutting it at some point and renovating it down the road, but even in it's state right now it is so nice and convenient to have. :-) 

(A few of the rooms in their current state. We still have some work to do obviously, but we're getting there.)

So that is my long list of things that I'm loving about our new house. It really feels like home to us and we are so happy here!