Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Avery Says... {Installment #2}

1. While in her rocking chair one day she started singing "Rock a bye bay bay!"

2. Our dog Hunter chewed up yet another one of Avery's binkies, so my mom showed it to Avery and Avery said "Humpfer, bad dog!"

3. While running around the patio outside she says... "can't catch me" which she has obviously heard from her brother. Ha!

4.While reading a book before bed one night, there was a page with a man, a little boy and a little girl on it. She pointed at the man and said "daddy", then she pointed at the little boy and said "brubder (aka brother)" and then she pointed at the little girl and said "princess". Now every little girl in her books are princesses and every little boy in her books are brothers. Ha!

5. Everything she points out now is either pink or blue. She will argue with you about the color no matter what color it actually is. I do think she's starting to get the hang of it though because at dinner the other night, she pointed at an Easter Egg on the table and said "yellow" and it was really yellow!! We were so excited for her!

6. While she was coloring one day, she looked up at me and said, "I DID IT"!! She was so proud of her coloring. Ha. :-)

7. As she was sitting on my lap one day something hurt me (I don't remember what it was) and I said "ouch" and she looked at me and said, "Mommy, okay?". What a sweetie she can be!

8. Anytime she asks for anything she always says "Please" and she most of the time says "Thanks" or "Thank you". She's becoming so polite. :-)

9. She makes it so hard to discipline because it's like she knows just what to say or do to make it impossible to be mad at her. One day she was putting a dishwasher cleaning packet in the dishwasher, I turned my head for 5 seconds and when I looked back she had broke it and the orange cleaner had gone all over. I said "Avery"!!! She looked up at me and with the sweetest looking face said, "Sorry Mommy" and smiled! Ugh. She's got us wrapped around her little finger!

10. She hugs and kisses anything with one of her favorite characters on it. Like if I get her Sophia jammies out to put on her at night, she says "see" so she can look at her shirt before I put it on her and then she'll proceed to squeeze the shirt and kiss it multiple times before letting me put it on her. My mom said the other day she found a picture of me and she was squeezing the picture and kissing it. :-) She's a momma's girl for sure.

11. Last night we were trying to get her to eat her carrots and after several failed attempts she finally looked at us and said very sternly, "no, don't like it". She normally loves carrots, but would not eat them last night! Such a stubborn girl she is.