Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday Loves and Pins

Its Wednesday, so that means its time for What I'm Loving Wednesday and Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday!

♥ I'm loving this warm weather we are having here in St. Louis. I hope its here to stay!

♥ I'm loving that my tulips are starting to come up. I planted them last Spring so I wasn't sure if they would end up coming back this year. They were used in the centerpieces at my 30th birthday party last year. I saved them and planted the bulbs with hopes they would come back. I don't have the green thumb my mom has, so I hoped that I even planted them correctly. Apparently I did!! I'm so excited and can't wait til they bloom.

♥ I'm loving that Jackson slept straight through the night last night. He's been waking up once or twice a night lately (always going right back to sleep after I feed him). Last night we went to church so he went to sleep about an hour later than normal. He slept from 9 til 6 this morning!! Yay for a good nights sleep!!

♥ I'm loving this cute little outfit my mom got for Jackson for Easter. The shirt says "The Chicks Adore Me."

♥ And as always, I'm loving my wonderful family and furbabies!


I'm loving these pins this week!

Super cute Family Picture idea.

Cute outfit for Spring.

This would be great for my scrapbook ribbon.

Love this idea, and really need to do something like this with Jackson.

Love this photo idea as well. Maybe for Jackson's six month pictures.

Love these cute outfit ideas.

 Love this wreath for the front door.

Need to print this out and frame for Spring.

 I thought this would be a cute project for the kids in our Sunday school class.