Friday, August 20, 2010

Our House ~ The Office

This is the third bedroom in the house, but we turned it into an office. My husband is really into history, especially the civil war. His room was decorated with civil war stuff when he lived at home, so we used a lot of the same decorations for the office. This room belonged to the previous owners' daughter. They had pink plaid wallpaper on the walls, which came down pretty easily. They had also put white shelves in all around the top of the room, which we really liked because Jake has a pretty big collection of model Corvettes that we were able to put up there where no little hands could get to them. We painted 2 walls white, one wall blue and one wall red. We put in new white trim and a new white six panel door. The closet doors were already white six panel doors so we left those the same. I had the desk at my house and Jake had the two shelves, that we use for movies, in his old room, so this room came together very easily. My sister made the valance and I used the left over fabric to frame the documents on the one wall. They are replicas of old American documents like the Declaration of Independence, the Gettysburgh Address and so on. Jake had had them for a long time and had never done anything with them, so I bought frames and fixed them right up. He was very happy with them. Thanks for looking.

The room when the previous owners lived there.

The room now.

This is a picture of the framed documents and some of Jake's corvettes.

The closet.

The computer desk. The stars on the box above the window are vinyl and I cut them out with my Cricut.