Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Carnival Cruise/New Orleans 2019: Day 4

Monday we had our first port of call in Cozumel, Mexico! We didn't have anything planned while in Cozumel other than just to walk around the port, shop and have lunch.

We got up that morning, ate breakfast and then all met at the dock at 10:00. It was a beautiful day in Cozumel. It was sunny and the temperature was right around 80 degrees. The water was a beautiful turquoise color! The little area we were at was very touristy. There were several bars, a yummy Mexican restaurant and lots of little shops. We basically just walked in and out of the little shops, had a few drinks, ate lunch at the restaurant called Pancho's Backyard and walked around a little more before going back to the ship at around 3:00.

While in one of the first shops we stopped in, we saw some little dolls and Avery decided that she'd like to have some nesting dolls. The store we were in at the time didn't have any, but she was determined to find some. I wasn't convinced we'd find any but sure enough, a tiny little shop with a pink sign had several different colors of nesting dolls and she was elated to get a set of purple nesting dolls!! They kept her occupied during lunch too, which was great!

I had a yummy strawberry margarita at lunch!

Jackson wasn't really into shopping, but he did want to go lay in a lounge chair and watch the ocean so Jake took him over to do that. Such an amazing view!

The restaurant we ate lunch at.

They saw ice-cream and snow-cones and had to have them. ;-) Jackson also got a little wooden ship that said Cozumel on it for his souvenir but I didn't think to get a picture of him with it.

There were so many of these photo op areas around Cozumel that you could take pictures with some of the local people dressed in different costumes. Of course, they wanted a tip for it so we didn't stop at all of them, but this one was really cool and Avery wanted to do it. :-)

Once back on the ship, we went and got our swimsuits on and headed up to the top deck to watch the ship leave Cozumel. I also took a picture of our cute little towel animal for the day. :-)

This ship was docked next to our ship in Cozumel and we watched it leave the port right before our ship left. It was a HUGE ship and looked very cool!! We may have to look into taking a cruise on the Norwegian Epic at some point.

The sunset was beautiful that evening.


A little later, we went back down to our cabin and got ready for dinner. Avery looked so cute that night but the only picture I got of her was this one. She was super crabby at dinner (now I know it was probably because she was tired.) She had a little melt-down over a toy and ended up saying sorry to me without me even telling her to, which then made me tear up. Ha. It was quite the sight at dinner. Ha! So I held her on my lap while waiting for our food and she fell asleep. So sweet!

After dinner my Mother-In-Law was tired so she offered to take the kids back to her cabin so that Jake and I could go out that night. We ended up having drinks at our favorite bar (The Alchemy Bar) and then went to see a couple of the shows.

It was such a fun day in Cozumel and another fun night on the Carnival Triumph!