Friday, May 30, 2008

My wedding scrapbook

I am in the process of making an 8x8 album of our wedding. This will be in addition to our regular 12x12 album that I haven't started yet. I thought of the idea to make a small album using only black and white pictures of our wedding and using black and white paper. I am accenting every page with our wedding color which was a turquoise blue. Thanks for looking.

About Me:

I am 29 years old and have been happily married for almost 3 years now. My husband, Jake, and I were married on July 14, 2007. We were able to buy our first home in April of 2007 and have had a lot of fun fixing it up. I am very close to my family and very involved in my church. I have one sister who is married and has a 3 year old son named Landon. He is so cute and is keeping us very entertained. Jake has 2 brothers and both are married with children. One brother has 5 children and the other 3. So I have 9 beautiful nieces and nephews and I really love being an aunt. Jake and I both love animals. We have 2 labrador retievers and 1 cat. They are like our children. I work full time as a receptionist for the Federal Courts in St. Louis and I really love my job. I love to scrapbook and have been scrapbooking since i was in high school, although, since then, I've learned a lot more techniques and have developed a passion for it. My dad built me an awesome table for my scrapbook area in our basement, so now I am able to scrapbook whenever I want to. I've had my cricut since January of 2008 and have been using it non stop since then. My mom, sister and I scrapbook together as often as possible. We have so much fun scrapbooking together. Well thats about it. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a blessed day!!