Friday, May 30, 2008

My wedding scrapbook

I am in the process of making an 8x8 album of our wedding. This will be in addition to our regular 12x12 album that I haven't started yet. I thought of the idea to make a small album using only black and white pictures of our wedding and using black and white paper. I am accenting every page with our wedding color which was a turquoise blue. Thanks for looking.


Shannon said...

WOW Amy!! Those are great, I'm supposed to of had two different wedding books awhile ago...I need to get to working on them! Thanks, because I think that you just gave me the inspiration to get going on them!

dale88jr said...

Amy - I just saw a post from you on the Crictu MB and wanted to see your wedding album pages... they are great. I just got married last July too and still haven't done ours. This gives me ideas. My niece took our pics and she gave us disks with color pics one one with them in black and white. She did a DVD in black and white and said that the reason she did it was so that when you watched it you looked at the whole picture instead of focusing on one thing. She was right and after looking at your pages I believe that even more!!! Great stuff. Congratulations on 1 year!!! (I left this on the MB too but wasn't sure if you'd see it)

Lana Clarke said...

Oh these are just fab pics!
You look so beautiful Amy!
Lana x