Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Randoms

1. We are home from our wonderful vacation to Gulf Shores. We had a really great time and I'm so glad to have such wonderful memories of Jackson's first vacation! I will share all about our trip over the next few days and weeks. I took a ton of pictures and have a lot of editing and watermarking to do. :-)

2. My canvas giveaway will be over in just 1 more day. Don't forget to check it out and enter the giveaway for a free 8x10 canvas!

3. I can't believe kids are going back to school today already. It seems like summer just started and already they're going back to school. I feel like they go back earlier and earlier every year.

4. One of the biggest things I'm going to miss from vacation was going to the pool with Jackson every day! I had gotten him a Puddle Jumper before we left and it was perfect for him. I strongly recommend these to all toddler moms.  Once he got the hang of it, he was able to be in the pool and swim around without us having to hold him. It was great.

And thats all I have for today. :-)