Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Avery's 3 Month Photos

This past Saturday, my sister and I took her oldest son, Landon and my sweet Avery up to our church grounds to take some photos of them. Landon starts the second grade this year and Ashlee wanted some "Back to School" pictures of him and I needed to get Avery's 3 month pictures taken. 

Our church sits on around 7 acres of land with woods on one side. This makes for a nice backdrop without any worry of people getting in your shot. 

Avery was not in the best of moods that evening. I had planned on a couple different outfit changes and a few other ideas, but she just wasn't having it and we were running out of daylight. So I may have to try again soon. I'm really happy with the photos we did get that evening though. They are simple and adorable and capture her well at 3 months. :-)

I love this one because it shows you right where she's at right now... always trying to eat her hands. :-)

*Photo credit to my sister, who took the pictures of Avery and I together. Thanks Ashlee!*