Thursday, July 11, 2013

Throw-Back Thursday Link-Up

Welcome to the Throw-back Thursday Link-Up. 

This past Friday, Jake and I had our "dating anniversary". We started dating July 5th, 2001! So crazy that we've been together for 12 years! So I thought I'd share a photo from our first year together... way back in 2001.

To give a little more detail on how we got together, I was working at a local grocery store at the time and actually had been dating a co-worker of mine for a few months. It wasn't real serious and he was going to school about 2 hours away, so we didn't see each other a lot. That summer, he went away to Basic Training camp and while he was gone, Jake and I spent more and more time together. Jake and I had the same friends and we went to church together. We had known each other for years and basically grew up together. Several of our friends were dating and they were all trying to get us together.

So needless to say, the boyfriend I had earlier that year, quickly became my ex-boyfriend. I didn't waste anytime letting Jake know that my dating status had gone from "in a relationship" to "single". That night, He and I went to play mini golf with my sister and her boyfriend (who is now her husband) and Jake asked me to be his girlfriend there. ♥ 

Now it's your turn. Share a photo or a fun story from the past! Can't wait to read all about it.