Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas and New Years

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and New Years. I enjoyed mine very much. We spent Christmas Eve with my parents, sister and her family, my mom's parents and my mom's brother and his family. We had a great time together. As a bonus, it snowed on Christmas Eve so we had a white Christmas which was pretty cool since its not very often that we get a white Christmas in St. Louis. Christmas morning Jake and I opened our presents from each other and gave the fur-babies their gifts. The dogs also played for a little while in the snow, which they loved!! Then in the early afternoon we went over to my parent's house to celebrate Christmas with them and my sister and her family. We had a very nice time. Then New Years Eve we had our traditional dinner at church where we decorate tables and have dinner together in our dining hall. Then some of us stayed and played games til a little after midnight. New Years day we celebrated Christmas with Jake's family, which was fun. I enjoy it when Christmas can be spread out over a few days. Then its not all over with in one day and its not so hectic trying to get from one house to the next and not getting to spend a decent amount of time at any one place. We had a great Christmas and New Years and I hope you all did as well!! :-) Here are a few pictures from Christmas and New Years.

Christmas Eve at my Aunt and Uncle's house. My uncle stoking the fire and everyone watching Landon open his gifts. (He's the only little one in the family at this point)

Christmas at my Aunt and Uncles house on Christmas Eve.
Landon opening presents.

Christmas Morning at our house. The dogs impatiently waiting to see what goodies are inside their stockings.

Stormy eating his Christmas treats. :-)

Our snow-filled back yard on Christmas morning! :-)

Libby and Max playing in the snow on Christmas morning.

Hunter in the snow.

Christmas day at my parent's house.

Landon opening his presents at Maw Maw and Papa's house.

Mine and my sister's New Years Eve Dinner table.

A close up of our centerpiece.

 The table my mom decorated.

The table our Pastor's Wife decorated.

Table decorated by one of the ladies at my church.

The kids table.

Table decorated by one of the ladies at my church.

Table decorated by one of the ladies at my church.

Table decorated by one of the ladies at my church.

Table decorated by one of the ladies at my church.
My MIL and SIL's table.

New Years Day at my MIL's house. The day we celebrated Christmas with Jake's family.

My nephews Larry and Jack opening presents.

My niece Sophia and I. Wish I wouldn't have cut her off as much as I did, but it was a cute picture nonetheless.

Sophia wearing her new coat, scarf and hat. :-)

Pat and Liz helping their kids Bella and Ethan open up their presents.

Jake with his brothers Larry and Pat.

My nieces Kyleigh and Alexis, baking a cake, which by the way was very tasty! :-)