Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Five

Five happenings worth mentioning from this past week.


Jake and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary with a wonderful trip to the Lake of the Ozarks last weekend. We had a great and relaxing time away.


Since getting pregnant with Avery, I haven't been able to wear my wedding. Even after having her, it was still a tiny bit snug. So I had it resized and polished last week and was able to pick it up on Monday. I love being able to wear it again.


Wednesday night I took the kids to the mall to exchange some tennis shoes we had gotten for Jackson that were just a size too small. We can never go to this particular mall without stopping into Cabelas for Jackson to see the fish and the "stuffed" animals.


Avery has recently found her tongue! She tries and has succeeded a few times at blowing raspberries even. She is really starting to show her personality. I just love it.


Before heading home from the Ozarks on Sunday, we stopped to have a late breakfast at one of my favorite restaurants there... Kays. They have an all you can eat breakfast special where you pay a flat rate and can order as much as you want off the menu. It is so good!! The French Toast (not pictured here) was probably my favorite thing on the menu.