Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving with the Smith's 2012

We celebrated Thanksgiving with the Smith side of the family, the weekend before Thanksgiving. Jake's mom has a brother that lives here in St. Louis and a sister who lives in Kansas City. We alternate years between having dinner here and having it in Kansas City. This year was Jake's Aunts turn in Kansas City. 

So after work Friday night, we loaded up all of our stuff, headed to Jake's mom's house to pick her up and made our way to Jake's aunt's house. Jake's mom stayed there to help prepare dinner for the next day and Jake, Jackson and I stayed in a hotel along with Jake's 2 brother's and their families. 

We made it to K.C. at around 9:30 and ended up finally making it to bed at around 2 a.m. Jackson slept in his pack-n-play in our hotel room pretty well. This was his second time sleeping in a hotel. After what seemed like a nap more than a good nights sleep, we got up, got ready and headed back to Jake's Aunt and Uncle's house to celebrate Thanksgiving with the whole family. Jake's Aunt Deb and her husband Paul have 2 children. Their daughter is married and lives in Germany with her husband. Their son is married and lives in Washington D.C. with his wife. Both of their children were able to make it in this year, which was very nice! Jake's uncle John and aunt Emily, live here in St. Louis, and made the drive to K.C. for Thanksgiving as well. They have a son who is married and actually lives in K.C. with his wife. They also have a daughter who still lives at home. It was so wonderful to have everyone there this year. 

Jack, Ethan and Sophia (my nephews and niece) playing outside in the backyard.

Jackson outside in the backyard while we waited for dinner to be ready.

Jackson giving his cousin Sophia some love! He's such a sweety.

Jackson sitting in a rocking chair that once belonged to his Great Great Grandpa!

The dining room table all set for dinner. 

Family gathered in the kitchen.

We were able to get a nice family picture (minus Jackson, who was taking a rather long afternoon nap).

We stayed in K.C. that night as well and most of the family went to the Kansas City Chiefs football game the next day. They tailgated and had a great time. Jake went along with his mom and one of his brothers. Here's a picture I borrowed from FB.

While they were at the game, my sister-in-law and I took our kids to the Crown Center for lunch at Fritz's and some fun and shopping at the Crayola store. We finished off the afternoon with a trip to a little playground we found. We had a great time!

Here we are at Fritz's. A train brings you your food to the table! Its such a cool place to eat.

Jackson and his cousin Ethan. (Jackson wouldn't leave his conductors hat on.) 

My niece Bella at Fritz's.

This was at the Crayola store. They have a special room where the kids can go and color. It was really cool.

Bella and Ethan coloring.

Jackson coloring his first real picture. He did really well and knew just what to do, however, I had to keep a close eye on him because he also wanted to put the crayons in his mouth! Ha.

Bella showing me her masterpiece.

Here is Jackson on the swing at Roanoke Park North Playground!

Jackson with his cousins on the slide.

Jackson and I on the slide.

Ethan and Jackson on the slide.

Bella playing on the playground.

Big cousin Jack, pushing Jackson in the swing.

Yay for swinging!

My sister-in-law Liz, pushing her boys on the swing set.

We headed home after everyone got back from the Chiefs game. We had a great time in Kansas City and we look forward to the next time we are together with the Smith/Testrake/Barnes families!