Thursday, September 10, 2015

100 Days of Summer 2015

If you follow me along on Instagram, then you've seen I've been doing a little Summer photo project. Back in May, I saw the idea here, to do a 100 days of Summer Instagram project and take a photo-a-day of our Summer. It was a very fun little project and something I'm so glad I did. Our summer was busy with selling our house, moving into our temporary condo and then searching for and buying a new house, but there was so much more day to day stuff going on with us and the kids and I'm glad I took the time to capture it, even if it was just on my iPhone. :-)

Some of the things we did this summer (besides all the house stuff): 
-Jackson played his first year of t-ball
-Uncle Jim came in town for a visit
-We went Strawberry Picking
-Played in the hose and in the kiddie pool 
-Went to several pools in the area
-Went to the Winery
-Got Ice-Cream from the Ice-Cream Man
-Jumped in Muddy Puddles
-Lots of Snuggles
-Lots of cake-pop trips to Starbucks
-Rode bikes on the sidewalk in front of our old house
-Went to the St. Charles 4th of July Carnival
-Went to Six Flags
-Went to the Zoo
-Went to Purina Farm
-Took Jackson to his first Movie
-Several trips to several parks
-Made pizzas at Grandma's
-Blew bubbles and played in Maw Maw and Papa's backyard
-Ate dinner on the condo patio
   -We frequented the grocery store and Steak 'n Shake
 -Had a big family Picnic at Rend Lake
-Got dirty and took baths on repeat
-Jackson went to preschool

It was a great summer and I am so sad to see it come to an end.

I put together a collage of all of our 100 days of summer so you can see all the pictures I took and so I can have a spot where all 100 photos are easily accessible. :-)

I had so much fun with this little project, I'm considering doing a #100daysoffall project. ;-)